Helps Converting EBOOK files from one format to another


Converting eBOOKs from one format to another can be taxing.  

Personally, I don't like the *.PDF format. So I convert PDF-to-HTML(web browser) format.

Many PDF conversion programs (payware and/or freeware) don't do a good job.

I have found that the best results for converting pdf-to-html, is to first convert the pdf-to-epub.

Here is a site that does that very well :

Once in epub format, use Calibre to convert epub-to-HTMLZ format.

Once in *.HTMLZ format, (in WindowsExplorer) change the *.HTMLZ to filetype to *.ZIP format.

Then use any ZIP program, to unpack the *.ZIP file. Output includes the *.HTML file.

Calibre is a freeware program which can be downloaded here :


There are several really good FORUMS that I have found for eBOOK related Help : :