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Welcome to clipFind !

clipFind ScreenShot

clipFind is the Search Engine portion of the clipLog/clipFind Suite 'Clipboard based Information Manager' .
clipLog can invoke clipFind as needed . See clipLog-Help.html .
clipFind also runs as a stand alone program .

clipLog watches the Clipboard . And whenever a user copies text to the Clipboard , clipLog prePends a user specified Topic to the text and then saves the Topic + the 'copied text' to a file .
In other words , clipLog builds an information database (of text files , '2016-12-25.txt' , etc..),
and clipFind Searches/Finds and displays this information .

Via the Find   Button , clipFind also Collects the 'search & find' results into two CollectTopic files ,
one file in Ascending order ( CollectedTopicAsc.txt )
the other file in Descending order ( CollectedTopicDesc.txt ) .
These files can be opened for viewing via the OPEN Oldest 1st
and OPEN Newest 1st   respectively .

clipLog/clipFind are downloaded as a single .zip file . This contains the following clipFind related files :

File: clipFind.exe The clipFind executable program itself .
File: clipLog.exe The clipLog executable program itself .
File: clipFind-Help.html : Which is the file you are now reading .
File: clipLog-Help.html : The Help File for clipLog.exe .
File: clipFind screenShot image files (clipLog-ScreenShot.jpg , clipFind-ScreenShot.png......
File: TopicsBtnList.txt Contains a list of User created Topic Buttons for clipLog.
File: Listing.txt Contains a list of file types selected from the most recent FIND request .
File: clipLog_clipFind-Images.html Contains screenShot images for both clipFind & clipLog.

clipFind Buttons:
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Getting Started : Here is a rundown of program Buttons and what they do :

At the top-left of the clipFind screen is a display-box , that shows where the clipFind program and its *.txt files reside . You can change to a different location by clicking on the or Browse   Button , and stepping thru the WIndows Folder listings . All searches are restricted to the Folder shown in this display-box .

Exit Button . You can Exit the program by clicking on this Button .

Clicking on the Help Button , will open up this clipFind-Help.html file , that you are now reading .

Next row down on the left , is the Find Button .
To the right of the 'Find' Button are two 'input boxes' where you enter the word(s) you want to search for . You must always enter at least one search argument ( into left input box) .
After you have entered you search argument(s) , then click on the Find Button , to start he search .
Btw: about searching:
Each time you copy text to the Clipboard , clipLog prePends a (user specified) Topic-tag (Button Name) to the text and then saves the Topic-tag + the copied text to a file . Here is what a Topic-tag looks like once it is stored into the database: "~~ToDo~~" (without the quotes) .
Let's say , you want to search for all occurrences of the word "ToDo" . If you just enter "todo" as a search arg , you will get back all the lines/files that contain the word "todo" .
However , if you enter "~~todo" or "~~todo~~" , you will get back only the lines/files that are prePended with the Topic "~~todo~~" . Big difference .

Next in the row , are two search option Butons Same line   and Same Topic   .
Same line   means , if there are two Search-Args , then Search for both Search-Args on the same line .
Same Topic   means , if there are two Search-Args , then Search for both Search-Args anywhere within the same Topic .

Next in the row , are two Buttons ( CollectedTopicAsc.txt )   and ( CollectedTopicDesc.txt ) .
After the Search has finished , you will see two List Boxes immediately below these Buttons showing the Search results . The top List-Box shows Search results in Ascending order . The bottom List-Box shows Search results in Descending order . Clicking on one of these Buttons will open up the Search results as a file in your default Text Editor .

Next row down contains three List-Boxes , which show Search 'hits info' .
The left-most ListBox shows the FileName in which the hit(s) occured .
The next two List-Boxes shows Search results . The top List-Box shows results in Ascending order .
The Bottom ListBox shows results in Descinding order .
At the very bottom left is a TextBox showing the tally of Total Hits .

Download / Install

Download from
Or here:
Download from

Install Instructions:
Once you have downloaded  , you can unzip/install it anywhere .
clipLog/clipFind are totally 'portable' , they do not alter the Registry .
For simplicity and ease of access , I plant it here: "C:\clipLog" .
If you have questions about ' clipLog/clipFind ' and/or PureBasic , Contact me (vmars316) at the ' ' or at the ' ' .

Happy Trails :)