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Welcome to clipLog !

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clipLog is a powerful , portable, easy to use , openSource , 'Clipboard based Information Manager' .
It is actually two programs , clipLog which runs in stealth mode ,
and clipFind which is the Search Engine portion of the clipLog/clipFind Suite . .
In other words , clipLog builds a freeform information database of text files , ('2016-12-25.txt' , etc..) ,
and clipFind Searches/Finds and Displays this information . clipFind-Help.html

clipLog watches the Clipboard . Whenever the user 'copies text' to the Clipboard ,
clipLog opens up a 'Topics Selection Menu' screen , where user can click on a Topic Button .
clipLog then prePends this Topic + 'copied text' and saves it in a daily file (ie., 2016_07_17.txt).

You can create/edit your own Topic Button Names , which are then saved to a text file ( TopicsBtnList.txt ) .
At program startUp , clipLog configures the Topics Selection Menu' screen from this 'TopicsBtnList.txt' file .
A User can create as many as '30 Topic Buttons' .

clipLog is typically started up at Windows Startup time , by putting a clipLog shortcut
into the Windows StartUp Folder . Typically here :
"C:\Users\me\AppData\Roaming\Microsoft\Windows\Start Menu\Programs\Startup" .

clipLog/clipFind are downloaded as a .single zip file . This contains the following files :

File: clipLog-Help.html : Which is the file you are now reading .
File: clipLog.exe The clipLog executable program itself .
File: clipFind.exe The clipFind executable program itself .
File: TopicsBtnList.txt Contains a list of User created Topic Buttons .
File: FilesListing.txt Contains a list of file types selected from the most recent FIND request .
File: clipLog_clipFind-Images.html Contains screenShot images .
Plus the clipFind files .

clipLog images
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Getting Started : Here is a rundown of program Buttons and what they do :

Run Stealth Mode   clipLog can run in visible mode , or hidden (Stealth Mode) .
A Single-Left-Click on this Button , causes clipLog to be removed from the desktop , and hides it in the TaskTray .
To make clipLog visible again , left-Double-click on clipLog's Icon in the TaskTray .

Find   A Single-Left-Click on this Button , opens up the clipFind program .
'clipFind How-to' can be found here : clipFind-Help.html

Exit   A Single-Left-Click on this Button , causes clipLog to stop running (End of Program) .

Help   A Single-Left-Click on this Button , will open up clipLog-Help.html file in your default Browser .

Restart clipLog   A Single-Left-Click on this Button , will close the current clipLog program and reStart it .
This feature is useful , if you want to 'Add or Edit' the Buttons on clipLog's Topics List Screen .

Prompt for Topics List Screen   This is a CheckBox , rather than a Buttton .
Whenever you do a Windows Copytext function (ie., selectText , Cntrl-C) , clipLog will prePend a Topic to your copied-text , according to which Topic Button you clicked .
If Prompt for Topics List Screen   is Checked , then clipLog will popUp the Topics List Screen   to allow you to select a Topic . If Prompt for Topics List Screen is NOT Checked , then clipLog will NOT display the Topice Screen , but will instead , prePend a Topic of Misc to your copied-text .

As mentioned above , if the Show Topics List   checkBox is Checked , Then whenever you do a 'Windows copyText function' , up pops the 'Topics List Screen' .
You then have several options :

1) click on one of the 'Topic Buttons' .
2) type in a 'Topic' (at top-left input box) .
3) Left-Click the CANCEL COPY   Button . (perhaps you changed your mind about the Copy)
4) OR my favorite: You can do both 1) and 2) . Enter a typed-topic and click on one of the 'Topic Buttons' . This will cause clipLog to prePend your typed-input , onto your copiedText . Personally , I use this for example , for keeping Bible study notes . I do a Windows Copytext for a given verse . Then I prePend the Book name I am copying from .

Another useful feature of clipLog is that it can SPEAK the copied text . Just click on the SPEAK Button . clipLog then Saves the spoken text with a prePend of ~~SPEAK~~ .

Occasionally you may want to Change the 'Topics List Screen'
Simply Left-Click Edit Topic List   . This will open the TopicsBtnList.txt   for Editing .
Remember that The 'Topic Butons' will display on the 'Topics List Screen' in exactly the same order as they are placed in the TopicsBtnList.txt  file .
I recommend setting them up in alphabetical order (one Topic per line) .
Remember that After you have edited and saved   the ' TopicsBtnList.txt ' , You need to Left-Click Restart clipLog   Button to activate these ' Topics List ' changes .

Download / Install


Install Instructions:
Once you have downloaded  , you can unzip/install it anywhere .
clipLog is totally 'portable' , it does not alter the Registry .
For simplicity and ease of access , I planted it here: "C:\clipLog" .
If you have questions about ' clipLog/clipFind ' and/or PureBasic , Contact me (vmars316) at the ' ' or at the ' ' .

Happy Trails :)