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Welcome to myFavs Bookmark Manager!

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myFavs is a powerful, portable, easy to use , openSource , 'Bookmark Manager' .
It inputs a text file (myFavsLinks.txt) of User Favorites . And outputs a "myFavsLinks.Html" page of sorted dropDown Menus/Links .
myFavs Editor has buttons for: Add-Link , Build-Html , Change Colors , Delete-Link , Find-Link , Help , Save-Links , View-HtmlPage-Output .
Double-click on displayed Links to open web-page in your default Browser .
To get started , download .zip and install anywhere (ie., C:\myFavs ) .
The Zip file includes myFavs.exe executables as well as source code .
myFavs has no dependencies , and is compatible with win7 and up.

To start using myFavs program , Left-Click on the   Open myFavs Txt   button .  This opens the C:\myFavs\ Folder . Here you can find and Open the myFavsLinks.txt file , etc. . Actually , now , the program automatically opens with the myFavsLinks.txt file in the List-View area . There is a file named DefaultLinks-FileName.txt , which contains the name of the file to open at program start-up . You can change this fileName if you wish . The default is originally myFavsLinks.txt .

This C:\myFavs\ also contains the following key files:

File: myFavsLinks.txt file is the default input file   which contains your individual Bookmarks (Links) . You can create and name as many Favs Text files as needed . I use myFavsLinks.txt and myFavsFinancial.txt and a few others .
File: myFavs_HtmlHdr.txt file is a critical file . It tells the   Build Html FIle   how to Build the Html output file .   Do not ever change this file !
File: myfavs.exe file is the myFavs Editor Program itself.
File: myfavs.pb file is the actual source code for the program itself (open source) . myFavs is written in PureBasic .
File: myFavs_Help.html is this file you are now reading .
File: myFavsLinks.html file is the default output file , which contains all the “Clickable” bookmarks from myFavsLinks.txt . By default the  .html  output file is named from the input  myFavs txt file , except that the filename extension is  .html  rather than  .txt .
C:\myFavs\   also contains images that myfavs.exe and myFavsLinks.html need . It also contains several other .txt files : DefaultLinks-FileName.txt , myFavs_HtmlHdr.txt , myFavsColors.txt , myFavs-starter.txt , and some backup files (BK) .

Extra Info:   The myFavs Text file contains all the Bookmarks that are used to create the myFavs Html output file .    Each Bookmark (for example: aaMost-Used[][][] ) is in the following format : (1) Menuname , (2) [] (field delimiter) , (3) URL Title , (4)[](field delimiter) , (5) URL Address , (6)[](field delimiter) . If any of these fields are missing , the program will catch it during the Build Html File   process , flag it as an error , and stop the program .

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Left-Click on image, to see all myFavs ScreenSots.

Getting Started : Here is a rundown of program Buttons and what they do :

Here is a typical workflow progression :

Open myFavs Txt  -->  Add Link   <--and/or--> Delete Link  -->  Save myFavs Txt  -->  Build Html File  -->   View Html File    -->  Exit   .

Click on  Open myFavs Txt    button , and select the input text file . For example , myFavsLinks.txt . This will open the myfavs text file , and display its bookmarks (Links) in the ListView area) . The output .html fileName is derived from the input text fileName . ( myFavsAwesomeLinks.txt will yield myFavsAwesomeLinks.html )

At this point , typically , you will want to add a Link  Add Link  or delete a link  Delete Link  . To Add Link you will first need to enter link information into the Link-work-area by typing in the following information: “Menu Name” , “Link Title” , “Link Address” .
Once you have filled in the info , simply click on the  Add Link  button . Your New-Link is now inserted , alphabetically (and highlighted) in the ListView area . You can now click the   Clear work-area  button , to clear the Link-work-area .

Note: The program reports the progress of each step , in the Status Bar located at the bottom of the myFavs screen .
Note: The program does NOT allow for Duplicate Links .

If you want to Delete an existing Link ,  Find   the Link in the ListView area  . Make sure the Link to be Deleted is HighLighted . Since the Link is HighLighted , it is displayed in the Link-work-area . After you click the Delete Link  button . You will also need to click on the Save myFavs Txt , Build Html File , before clicking on the View Html FIle .

Note: There is no Edit button .  If you  want to Edit a Link , (change its content) keep this in mind :
The myFavs text file , is and must stay in Ascending-SORT-Order . The whole Link (ie., everything in the Link-work-area 'MenuName, LinkTItle, LinkAddress'.) is the Sort-Key .  This means that if you change any character in the Sort-Key , that Link will now Sort into a new position in the file .
So , if you want to Edit a Link , follow this procedure :   Find   the Link you want to Edit , make sure it is Highlighted ,.  This will display the Link in the Link-work-area . Now , click the Delete Link   button .  This will Delete the  Highlighted  Link in the ListView-area , BUT will leave the Link information in the Link-work-area , ready for you to make your changes . Once you have made your changes , you can click the   Add Link   button .

Note: Another thing you may want to do :  Have a Link in more that one category (MenuName)  To do this ,   Find   the Link , Highlight it , then Change the  Menu Name  .  Then Click on the Add Link   button .  This New Link will then  Sort into the proper Menu Name  category .  

<=== In the left panel is a ' Choose Color Scheme Screenshot ' . Here you can change the htmlPage Background Color and the Drop-Down Menu Color . This change also applies to the Program Face (skin) . It changes the Background Color and the Label Color . The file myFavsColors-Reset.txt contains the original Color Scheme .

Download / Install


Install Instructions:
Once you have downloaded , you can unzip/install it anywhere .
myFavs.exe is totally 'portable' , it does not alter the Registry .
For simplicity and ease of access , I planted it here: "C:\myFavs" .
I recommend you start with the provided 'myFavs-starter.txt' file , in the myFavs Folder . And build your Favorites from that point , rather than starting with an empty *.txt file.
If you have questions about myFavs and/or PureBasic , Contact me (vmars316) at the 'PureBasic Forum' or at the 'PortableFreeware Forum' (see above Links) .

Happy Trails :)