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You may Sort by To/From Column #s, or by Delimiters.  The Default is by Columns 1 thru 32. A delimiter can be more than 1 character in lenght. If no ending Delimiter is found, the line(s) is placed at end of File, and in original sequence.

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 Sort by Column  or  Delimiter?

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 Save File As

Just PASTE stuff to be Sorted into here and click SORT
Or OPEN File to be SORTed.
If Sort encounters Duplicate lines, How do want to handle them?
Allow them ( Allow ), or don’t Allow ( NO ).
Do you want to Sort by CASE (YES), or Case iNsEnSiTiVe (NO, ignore case).
Do you want to Sort by Ascending or Descending sequence?
You may Copy/Paste data to be Sorted into Pink EditBox, or you may Open a File into the EditBox.
Once you have Sorted the data, you can Copy it out of EditBox or Save Sorted data as a File.
For Windows
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It is freeware, and not to be sold.
 hbSort is a handy little sort program, written in HotBasic.